Ultra Freeze

Ultra-Shake uses a unique freezing process that gives you real fruit and vegetables that will  keep all of their nutrients
What is the ULTRA-FREEZ process?

Fresh Organic SuperFoods are selected and checked to ensure highest quality.
Flash Frozen gently and put into a vaccum chamber.
The moisture is evaporated and the fruit and veggies are vortexed into powder
The Ultra-freez dried powders are layered into airtight bottles according to the special handcrafted recipes
Four reasons ULTRA FREEZ is better than liquid fruits and vegetables 

No Preservatives Needed
Because Ultra-freez removes more than 99 percent of the water in the ingredients, spoilage bacteria don’t have the water they need to survive, which means the delicate superfoods are vibrant for much longer. Ultra-Shake dried fruits and vegetables are “shelf-stable” without requiring added preservatives..
Because the water content in the Ultra-Freez ingredients is removed, the weight of the Ultra-Shake is reduced by about 90 percent – which makes for a lightweight, easily carried snack to take along in a bag, purse or lunchbox. Each shake weighs about 2 ounces dry, but is the equivalent of 6 pounds of super-foods..
Studies on Ultra-Freez fruits and vegetables show that they retain all the nutrients and will retain the vitamins for longer than the fresh original.
Organic vegetables and fruits, like blueberries for example, tend to spoil very fast. This is why most companies soak food in pesticides and chemicals. Ultra Freez makes it easy to get fruit in its natural healthy form


Each Ultra-shake has a special Blender Disk inside. This allows the Ultra-Freez powders to mix with the water and activate all the bio available nutrients in the fruit.