Our Story

Ultra Shake began as an idea. That idea was born in the depths of the 5,000 year old traditional Asian culture. Our founder who was in search of the fountain of youth, studied Chinese medicine in some of the most ancient cities in Asia.
We spent four years visiting and studying nature's technology in the following cities:


Bama is the home of "long life village" where almost every inhabitant lives to be between 106 to 110 years old. The secret lies in what they consume everyday. We interviewed each individual in the village and studied their eating habits. Three things were discovered: 1) The water they drink is high in minerals and has special alkaline properties 2) They use a unique mixture of herbs that have special healing properties  3) They consume food free of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and processed sugars. These properties we replicated in our Ultra Shake by combining a balanced blend of minerals, vegetables, super foods and proteins.


We next traveled to the Special Region of Tibet.  Our founder was the first American to run the Tibet Marathon (the highest marathon in the world) in Lhasa, home of the Dalai Lama.
Due to the altitude there, the air is so thin that tourists often have difficulty breathing. The locals have a secret adaptogen root called Rhodiola that grows at the top of some of the world's highest mountains.  When consumed this root gives your body a powerful boost of energy that allows you to handle even the most stressful environments. According to the locals, this root has been seen to reverse signs of aging. We have included this rare ingredient in the Ultra-Shake. 


Next we visited the island of Japan. Inhabitants in cities such as Okinawa are known to have increased longevity. The secret is that they live so close to the ocean and have access to sea vegetables such as chlorella and spirulina. The calcium and chlorophyll in these ingredients helps the body to regenerate cells faster which may increase lifespan. We learned is that those who lives over 100 years usually consume green tea on a daily basis. We have included both green tea, spirulina and chlorella in each Ultra Shake.


Lastly we visited Thailand, where the recipe for the first energy drink was originally created almost 40 years ago by a local farmer. We found certain fruits like Carcinia Mangosteena and Organic Coconut that are abundant in the diet that natural boosted energy. 
We source our USDA certified organic vegetables from local sources right here in the USA.  We are constantly in search of the perfect spinach, the perfect wheat grass and the perfect broccoli. 


We then took 4 years of data and used modern day science to create the ultimate beverage. One that is the fountain of youth in a bottle. We wanted to create a shake that will increase lifespan, increase muscle mass, increase energy and lower cholesterol level. We wanted a beverage that can help prevent cancer and help reduce fatigue. We wanted to make the solution to the worlds problem of obesity. We created the ULTRA SHAKE.
Ultra-Shake is a revolutionary shake that has been freeze dried to lock in the nutrients and maintain vitamins.
Working with some of the best nutritionist in the business we provide our customers fresh, delicious, nutritionally balanced shakes to help lose weight or simply support an already healthy weight & lifestyle. 
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